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Deep API Request Inspection

Super-fast analysis of API calls for the payloads that can be harmful

Intelligent Parsing

  • Run w/o configuration
  • Doesn’t require schema
  • Automatically recognize data formats
  • Apply necessary parsers/decores
  • Apply chain of parsers
  • Works great in CI/CD
schemat of request inspection

Optimised for performance

  • Streaming mode for near-zero latency

API Security Solution for Cloud-Native applications


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Service Mesh

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Zero Trust

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The internet today belongs to API, which means, that web application security is now API security. According to the Gartner report web applications already have 40% of their attacks come through APIs instead of user interfaces. By 2022, API abuses will become the most-frequent attack vector.

Wallarm protects your modern apps and APIs and cloud-native environments against a full spectrum of threats.

Wallarm protects hundreds of 
Hi-Tech Companies globally

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Protect any API and avoid False Positives with your WAF

Wallarm vs Regular WAFs

Deploy in cloud


Regular WAFs

Up in 30 minutes

Built for it

Low. No tuning.

Just works

Doesn’t break apps

Finds exploitable issues

Hard, not scalable

Poor or zero

High. Requires tuning

Nightmare. Not usable.

False positives kill it


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API protection


Blocking mode

CI/CD readiness

Vulns detection

Universal protection for all your APIs

Against a full spectrum of threats

  • OWASP Top 10
  • OWASP Top 10 API 
  • API Abuse
  • Credential Stuffing / 
    Account Takeover

Universal solution to protect APIs

    • any XML-based
    • any JSON-based
  • GraphQL NEW!
  • gRPC NEW!

How Wallarm API Security Work

Unlike legacy WAFs, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs with no manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance allowing the team to focus on different tasks. It scales. It works.

wallarm cloud engine schema
wallarm filtering nodes schema

#1 Attack Detection

Wallarm Nodes mitigates attacks in real-time, locally  

  • OWASP Top 10 Threats 
  • Account Takeover
  • Business Logic Attacks
  • Misconfiguration
  • API Abuse
  • No RegExps
  • Strong bypass Resistance
  • libDetection, signature-free based on grammar analysis

Real-time blocking. Near zero latency

Combination of unique detection techniques

#2 Gain Low TCO.
Near-zero False Positives

Use you WAF in blocking mode!

  1. Wallarm’s new libDetection and core signature-less attack detection provides low false positive from day one.
  2. Metadata continuously collected from nodes helps to refine rules to make them application-specific
  • Automation
  • 24/7 team of analysts
wallarm cloud ai schema

#3 The Only WAF with
Automated Incident Analysis

  • Active Verification of every detected attack with the cloud-based scanner.
  • Finding app-specific vulnerabilities using hacker / bug hunters  intelligence
  • Prioritizing potential security incidents

  • Passive scans — verifying app responses to incoming requests.
  • Black-box scans for well-known vulnerabilities
wallarm cloud scanner schema

Deployment options

Built from ground up to protect both legacy and cloud-native tech stack

wallarm deployment options

Quick integrations

Setup cross-team workloads via your existing DevOps and security toolchain

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Start your trial today!Try Wallarm API securityDiscover Wallarm API security today!

When to consider Wallarm?

Protects APIs and microservices (RESTful API, GraphQL, gRPC)

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Get Security and Developers into shared workflows

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For migration to multi-cloud / multi-CDN environments

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Meet PCI DSS, SOC2 and other compliance requirements

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Near-zero False Positives with automatic tuning

Blocking mode

98% of the customers use Wallarm WAF in full blocking mode