How Wallarm WAF works

Unlike default cloud WAFs, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs with no manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance allowing the team to focus on different tasks. It scales. It works.

Wallarm protects hundreds of Fortune 500 organizations 

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Topics that we plan to cover at our session

  • Collaboration between Marketing & Sales tech and Compliance in post-COVID time. What are the sales automation priorities now
  • Corporate network access for remote workers: VPN VS Public Cloud solutions. Ease of use & security challenges. Change of priorities & maintenance costs 
  • SOC 2 compliance in the post-COVID environment. Challenges with employees onboarding & offboarding. 2FA solutions.
  • How to detect your applications/API vulnerabilities before your data breach? 
  • How to manage your InfoSecurity data stream in common SIEM/DevOps tools? Importance of data management unification for remote workers 
  • How to detect a signal from the noise? Why Wallarm customers use WAF in “fully blocked” mode?

Over the past 4 months, everyone has been thrust into a new way to work and collaborate. We all started from different places, worked differently, and had different priorities. These different initial states, catalyzed by the need to change very quickly, resulted in many different outcomes on the "new way to protect our org, and iterate on infosec initiatives". Let's explore some unique outcomes that came about 4 months post-COVID. What got harder, what was unexpected. But also, most interestingly, what were some pleasant surprises? How can we try to double down on the good while we continue on this COVID journey?

Online Fireside Chat with InfoSecurity experts series   

July 16th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Changing the way 
we work in InfoSec world

Online Fireside Chat 
July 16th at 11 am PST /  2 pm EST

Covid-19: Changing the way we work 
in InfoSec world

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Web application is one of the top three attack patterns and the number one source of data breach for financial services firms.

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon, April 2019


Rajendra Umadas

Information Security Architect at Beyond Identity

Rajendra Umadas, started his professional love with all things tech by getting his hands dirty as a VoIP and ISP tech in the bustling salt mines of NYC hedge funds and art galleries. After a number of years restarting routers and double-checking subnet masks, he joined the team over at The Intrepidus Group (now an NCC subsidiary) to focus on mobile and embedded system penetration testing. After a number of years consulting with this fine group of hackers, Raj joined the defensive side.  He was privileged to be on the security team at Etsy and be the founding member of the security team at Squarespace. Raj put this to the test as a security architect at This zeal for working at fast pace companies that needed to be very creative with security controls that also did not stifle innovation continued at Spotify and WeWork.Currently Raj is part of the team over at Beyond Identity, working to rid the world of passwords.}

Yury Larichev

Wallarm CRO

Yury has 20+ years of Sales & Marketing leadership in technology companies. He was leading Global Sales & Operations in Acronis back in 2014-2016. Since then, he took over Parallels SVP Sales position & had played a key role in sales reorganization, channel program implementation & revenue growth initiatives which had led to successful Parallels acquisition by Corel Inc (backed by Vector Capital PE) in Dec 2018. Prior to Acronis, Yury was growing sales with Acumatica as CEO (2012-2014), where he has got true startup experience growing revenue 3.5X in less than 2 years. He also had multiple Leadership roles (Field and Corporate) in Microsoft (2006-2012).

Ivan Novikov

CEO at Wallarm

Ivan Novikov is CEO of Wallarm, a provider of AI-powered application security. He is also a white hat security professional with over 12 years of experience in security services and products. He is an inventor of memcached injection and SSRF exploit class as well as a recipient of bounty awards from Google, Facebook, and others. Ivan has recently been a speaker at HITB, Black Hat, and other industry events.

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