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November 19th at 11am PDT

The hidden pitfalls 
of popular WAFs

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November 19th at 11am PDT 

How to avoid False Positives and protect your APIs

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The hidden pitfalls of popular WAFs 


Yury Larichev

Wallarm CRO

Yury has 20+ years of executive experience in high tech companies. Ex Microsoft GM Global SMB Sales, ex President Acronis, ex SVP Sales Parallels, ex CEO Acumatica.

Stepan Iliyn

Co-founder / CPO

Stepan is the co-founder and CPO of Wallarm and overseeing product and development. 

You will be in a good company

Over the years we took thousands of calls with Appsec teams around the globe. They all told us the same thing: our existing WAF doesn’t work.

  • False positives. Tedious tuning. Still, no blocking mode.
  • Too much noise. Lack of integrations. No actionable data at all.
  • Appliances don’t scale. DevOps hate it.
  • No real API protection. 
  1. Test your existing WAF and see if it’s good
  2. Eliminate manual rules tuning
  3. Set up proper API protection
  4. Justify the migration efforts to management

Why popular WAFs don't work?

Learn how

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