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1. Modern AppSec challenges for Financial organizations

Besides OWASP Top 10 and other threats that web-apps typically face, fintech also sees different kinds of API Abuse, fraud, and credential stuffing (ATO).

2. How to protect assets in a multi-cloud environment

Infrastructures distributed across different CDNs and apps hosted in multiple regions/clouds create a whole new set of challenges for security leaders and practitioners.

3. Why legacy security tools fail modern threats

Massive loads of traffic. A high velocity of development. Strict requirements for latency and false positives. A new setting makes traditional tools both inefficient and harmful for business.

How Wallarm NG WAF Works

Unlike legacy WAFs, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs with no manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance allowing the team to focus on different tasks. It scales. It works.

Modern Security challenges for Financial organizations

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Wallarm protects some of the largest global companies

Web application is one of the top three attack patterns and the number one source of data breach for financial services firms.

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 
Verizon, April 2019

Why Wallarm is better to protect your APIs and apps in 2020?

Blocking mode with near-zero false positives for the apps that update every day

Traditional WAF


Scalable deployment in multi-cloud and cloud-native / Kubernetes environments

Robust API protection for JSON/XML based APIs, websockets, gRPC, graphQL

Tipalti began in 2010, when digital networks lacked the technology to manage mass payments to global partners.

Tipalti’s comprehensive approach to automating accounts payable streamlines the entire bill-to-pay-to-reconciliation cycle. The platform manages all interactions between the payer and the payee to provide end-to-end control and optimize the entire AP workflow, future-proofing your operations for mass scale.

Tipalti platform includes a number of apps and APIs that require constant protection against modern threats. Tight integration with existing toolchain, easy deployment in AWS, and robust API protection were among key requirements.

Modern Security challenges for Financial organizations

Tipalti case

September 10th at 11am PDT

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Victor Gartvich

VP of Security Solutions, Wallarm

Seasoned technology professional, in charge of Wallarm's product management. Most recently Victor was leading security and DevOps efforts at Lacework, another emerging Silicon Valley security company. Prior to that Victor spent four years leading product and engineering activities at an AppSec & performance startup, Nuubit.

Yury Larichev

Wallarm CRO

Yury has 20+ years of Sales & Marketing leadership in technology companies. He was leading Global Sales & Operations in Acronis back in 2014-2016. Since then, he took over Parallels SVP Sales position & had played a key role in sales reorganization, channel program implementation & revenue growth initiatives which had led to successful Parallels acquisition by Corel Inc (backed by Vector Capital PE) in Dec 2018. Prior to Acronis, Yury was growing sales with Acumatica as CEO (2012-2014), where he has got true startup experience growing revenue 3.5X in less than 2 years. He also had multiple Leadership roles (Field and Corporate) in Microsoft (2006-2012).

Security is a top concern for us, with over $11 Billion in remittance going through our systems yearly and a rapid pace of change in our apps fit for a hyper-growth company. Wallarm is a key partner for us in our application security mission. Their capabilities in stopping web attacks, providing visibility on events, on our apps, and handling false positives are irreplaceable!
Where we find Wallarm to be a distinguished security partner for us is in their superb support and false positive’s management, two things you can’t go without when application security is key and no compromise on coverage or resilience is acceptable.

Alexander Getsin
Senior Information Security Architect

September 10th at 11am PDT

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