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Greeting Wallarm Node 2.0

We are thrilled to announce a new release of Wallarm Node™. It’s a brand-new version of the Wallarm filter instance (NGINX-based), with new features and a host of optimizations. Significant refactoring has resulted in improved performance. Optimizations were made to provide sophisticated security checks with near-zero latency. This has been a critical request for our customers...
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Wallarm at SyScan 360

Grab a moment and catch Wallarm CEO Ivan Novikov at SyScan 360 which is about to start in hot Singapore. His talk on Key-value injections here! will be on the second day of the conference. This paper is continuation of memcached injections research presented at BlackHat USA 2014. The paper presents two main areas of research:...
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Wallarm goes

This week (March 15–17) the first and foremost world-class technology conference in the hosting and cloud services industry,, is taking place in Rust, Germany. The trade show, established 12 years ago, brings more than 6.000 leading experts and insiders together for high-value networking, informative discussions, and shared experiences. Exhibiting companies include Acronis (a Wallarm partner),...
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NG-WAF vs old fashioned WAFs

These stickmen besieging the castle help us to explain why enterprises need to switch from old-fashioned web application firewalls to Wallarm.
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Wallarm at Slush 2015

Today, Slush is alive. With 200 speakers and 15,000 attendees at a huge size venue in Helsinki, it’s a great place to be in these 2 days. Meet here co-founders of Zendesk, Zalando, Delivery Hero, Unity, Supercell and many other amazing companies. As well as Wallarm folks of course. Stepan Ilyin will be a part of...
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Wallarm now supports NGINX Plus

Great news! We released a new version of the Wallarm platform focused on extended support for NGINX Plus (a supercharged version of standard NGINX you definitely need to try out!). From now on, you can get an enterprise-grade load balancer and a next generation WAF in a one scalable software package. Wallarm’s SaaS-based NGINX Plus solution...
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