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Wallarm at BlackHat 2015

Visit the Wallarm booth to hear IT security best practices and see demos of our next-generation web security solution. Enter for a chance to win prizes being raffled off throughout the day! Wallarm Booth is #667. Don’t forget to grab our cool security-ninja t-shirts and stickers!
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How to secure your web applications with NGINX

Customers enjoy the confidence of knowing Wallarm is an NGINX partner. All Wallarm filtering nodes are built on open-source NGINX web server/load balancer. NGINX is used by 44% of the top 1,000 websites, making Wallarm an ideal fit for DevOps teams. The very same approaches for deploying, configuring, and monitoring standard NGINX also make it possible...
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GHOST: A brief recap of what you need to know about it

Is GHOST dangerous? Yes, it is. GHOST is a high severity vulnerability (CVE-2015–0235) that allows attackers to implement remote code execution (RCE) attack taking complete control of the victim system. It exploits a buffer overflow bug in glibc’s GetHOST functions (hence the name). Fortunately, Linux vendors already have necessary updates available as Qualys company was in...
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Active vulnerability scanner in Wallarm

An important difference between Wallarm and many other products, including the famous WAF, is its detection not only of hacker attacks, but also web application vulnerabilities. To make a truly quality vulnerability detector, we had to consider all the approaches that already exist — and develop our own. A crawling problem An efficient vulnerability search is impossible without an...
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How much does an attack cost? Wallarm’s new metric

There’s a new metric on Wallarm’s Dashboard — the cost of resources invested by hackers to attack your site. How do we measure it, and why does it matter? What metrics are used to analyze attacks? Information security is a process that subtracts funds from a business. Still, the cost effectiveness of this process is very difficult to measure....
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HOWTO: Everything you need to protect against ShellShock

We’ve got a lot of questions about how to protect your server against the shellshock bash vulnerability. Here are the answers. Very Important!Information about a critical vulnerability called Shellshock (or Bash Bug), which allows unauthorised code execution on remote systems, has been disclosed. Your servers and routers could possible be vulnerable. Currently, we are observing distributed...
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