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We support student CTF teams

The worldwide CTF community continues to thrive. Many of the organizers of online qualifiers are also holding amazing offline finals in many different cities and countries around the world. This allows participants not only to have a chance at claiming winning places but also to see the world and meet new, interesting people — a real adventure. Alas,...
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Wallarm at NGINX User Summit

Last week we’ve visited the first NGINX User Summit and were lucky to give a lightning talk about Wallarm there. The event took place at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco and gathered about a hundred people. It started with a crash course on NGINX fundamentals and continued with an overview of NGINX history and future roadmap...
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Timing Attacks Against File Systems

Time is one of the key parameters in a pentester’s work. It can either interfere with security analysis efforts by reminding you about the deadline and an eager client, or help you out when performing an audit. How? Take for example the database data extraction technique based on measuring server reply times that’s used in blind...
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