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How Wallarm API Protection works?

Unlike legacy WAFs and API protection solutions, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs with no manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance allowing the team to focus on different tasks. It scales. It works.

Product Security: Lessons Learnt In the Trenches 

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Wallarm protects some of the largest global companies

Product Security: Lessons Learnt In the Trenches 

Free webinar 
November 4th at 11am PDT

ProdSec teams, and infosec in general, has no shortages of organizational models, regulatory guidance on program structure, industry best practices on measurements of effectiveness, or in general, a body of suggested models and paradigms to slice and dice your infosec program to ensure coverage, effectiveness, and efficiency. 

Raj Umadas, experienced product security leader & Wallarm adviser, has been lucky to help build a number of infosec teams representing quite a diverse slice of these models. While on these teams, he has come across a few guiding principles that seem to transcend any specific model adopted by the organization. He will present a few of these principles. He aims to provide enough details to help you find commonalities in your program or organization that might inspire new ways to support your stakeholders or reduce risk for your organization.

Please join hands-on a practical webinar with Wallarm experts & you will learn: 

  • Identify and cultivate rewarding partnerships with stakeholders
  • Finding and supporting the “Golden Path”
  • Focus on problems you solve now 
  • Thinking about the semantically smaller space

Highlighting reoccurring themes that have led to impactful collaborations and organizational risk reduction.


Rajendra Umadas

Product Security Manager at Compass

November 4th at 11am PDT