Api Security

Wallarm Launches Support of Envoy Proxy/ Envoy API Protection

Wallarm can protect North-South API in the applications that use Envoy as an alternative Ingress controller at the front end of a Kubernetes cluster. Wallarm can also protect edge traffic and also East-West Envoy API for Service-Mesh and Istio.
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Is Service Mesh right for your infrastructure?

Andrew Jenkins of Aspen Mesh identifies three deployment options with regards to how a Service Mesh delivers its services: As a sidecar that runs alongside your microservice containerAs a library that can be built into each of the microservicesAs an agent that sit in the container infrastructure and provide the service to all the containers...
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What The Actual WAF!?

we need to kick out the solutions that are no longer functioning to give ample room for the advanced WAF solutions. Join us in this discussion.
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Wallarm connector to Apigee

If you are a business undergoing a digital transformation, like Walgreens, Nike or Bechtel, heavy reliance on APIs is a key part of that digital transformation strategy. “The growing demand for information, delivered securely at any time, in any place and on any device has changed the way we think about applications — APIs are a critical...
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Frenemy at the Gates: The Breaching

Online businesses have to be careful. It’s a dangerous world, full of anonymous people and services wearing digital skins. It sounds horrific because it is. On the other side of a transaction, could be anyone. Extra measures have to be made to secure web interfaces and API endpoints that online businesses depend on.
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“Fire Danger Rating” on “High” in Security Climate

November was a scary month in California. After four years of drought, the forests and towns in the northern part of the state exploded into wildfires, displacing thousands of residents and destroying millions of dollars of property. The foul air in San Francisco and the surrounding areas was a sordid reminder of the ordeal and...
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