Artificial Intelligence

Wallarm New Open Source Module and Kaggle Hackathon

A key element of any security solution, whether its a WAF, NGWAF, RASP or even a SIEM or a classic IDS, is the ability to correctly detect whether an incoming API request is malicious. The traditional way to do it is using signatures and regular expressions (regex). Some sets of signatures are open-sourced such as...
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Guide for Implementing Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement Learning Using TensorFlow

Our team is no stranger to various flavors of AI including deep learning (DL). That’s why we’ve immediately noticed when Google came out with AutoML project, designed to make AI build other AIs. Neural networks have recently gained popularity and wide practical applications. However, to get good results with neural networks, it is critical to...
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From Regular Expressions to AI

Three generations of attack detection methodology The oldest and well-studied approach is based on signatures and heuristics. From before the internet times, this approach was implemented in most kinds of detection systems from firewalls to anti-viruses. The second genera-tion represents an improvement over the regular expression-based signatures by replacing them with specific parsers or tokenizers....
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