Wallarm Launches Support of Envoy Proxy/ Envoy API Protection

Wallarm can protect North-South API in the applications that use Envoy as an alternative Ingress controller at the front end of a Kubernetes cluster. Wallarm can also protect edge traffic and also East-West Envoy API for Service-Mesh and Istio.
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What DevOps trends to follow (and what to ignore)

Cut through the fluff and get to the heart of which DevOps trends are worth hitching your wagon (or budget) to in the coming years—and which should be marked with a hazard warning. From containers to chaos engineering, here are the DevOps trends to trash and the ones you'll want to go fanboy on."
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Perimeter Breaches: The attack front you’re losing

Everything is data. Defining your perimeter is nearly impossible, which makes securing it even more tricky. Old strategies are obsolete. How do we navigate and protect our boundaries in an increasingly digital world?
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Shift to Microservices: Evolve Your Security Practices & Container Security

Understand the best practices of shifting left to change your DevOps into DevSecOps. Your security health will get a serious boost.
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IT Security Infrastructure: 5 Tips to Solve API Security Issues

Start listening. Integrating isn’t enough if your teams aren’t talking. In a hyper-competitive environment, keeping up with customer usability demands often means adopting a hyper-agile development process. It’s a dangerous devil’s bargain. Security gets left on the cutting room floor in pursuit of highly responsive, first-to-market, code-to-customer feature flow. Mobile and cloud applications increasingly rely on...
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8 Tips and Best Practices to Build a Solid Cloud Migration Strategy

Here are eight fool-proof practices that can help you move your workloads to the cloud. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cloud_computing.svg A quick look at cloud migration. Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data storage and IT operations to a cloud network. Cloud computing services are hosted in a multi-tenant environment and can be delivered via the internet or direct...
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