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Autoscaling Wallarm Nodes in AWS, GCP, and Azure

Newly updated Wallarm Node images now natively support autoscaling capabilities in AWS, GCP, and Azure. Updated images are already available in cloud provider marketplaces and can rely on the native auto-scaling to adjust the number of nodes based on traffic, CPU load, and other parameters. What is Autoscaling? Many of our customers rely on autoscaling...
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Visit Wallarm at Google Cloud Next

April 9–11, San Francisco, CA We are excited to join the community of the GCP professionals and demonstrate Wallarm web and API protection solutions custom-built for Google Cloud-powered applications. A certified GCP-partner, Wallarm delivers AI-powered security solution built to help your business migrate to Google cloud and grow your infrastructure with DevSecOps in mind. Visit...
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Wallarm Node is a Google Cloud Image

We’re excited to offer native availability of Wallarm Node image for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users. (Skip ahead to see how easy it is to get started and start your free trial.) Many Wallarm customers and prospects use Google Cloud for its high-performance and easily scalable infrastructure with an excellent price to performance ratios. The...
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How to protect web applications on Google Cloud Platform with WAF?

Many of the developers we speak to are interested in taking advantage of Google Compute Cloud for developing and hosting their web applications. The advantages are many from reasonable costs to built in scalability to high level of availability built right into the platform. However, the developers are faced with a question: if my application...
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