Machine Learning

Defining Wallarm API-specific Rules

Automatically Detect + Parse and Set Your Own Rules A unique Wallarm AI feature is its ability to automatically detect and parse complicated API protocols and then set up security rules based on specific data or parameters deep inside the API. Once parsed, the system creates the rules-based both on where in the HTTP request...
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Hackathon is over: Here are our winners!

A few weeks ago Wallarm has launched a hackathon to create a machine learning / AI model to detect attacks among normal web requests. The competition was run on Kaggle as InClass. In this competition, Kagglers were asked to develop models that identify injections among neutral input vectors using neural networks or other ML techniques....
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Wallarm New Open Source Module and Kaggle Hackathon

A key element of any security solution, whether its a WAF, NGWAF, RASP or even a SIEM or a classic IDS, is the ability to correctly detect whether an incoming API request is malicious. The traditional way to do it is using signatures and regular expressions (regex). Some sets of signatures are open-sourced such as...
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Wallarm joins AI Leaders @ AI Summit

Wallarm joins a select group of AI startups and prominent technologists from Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon to participate in AI Summit on September 19–20 at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. AI Summit puts AI to work by delivering real value in the business. In just 3 years this conference has implored AI into...
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TensorFlow Dataset API for increasing training speed of Neural Networks

by M.Salnikov, Wallarm Research Wallarm AI engine is the heart of our security solution. Two key parameters of our AI engine efficiency are how fast neural networks can be train to reflect the updated training sets and how much compute power need to be dedicated to the training on the on-going basis. Many of our machine...
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It’s Not Magic — It’s AI

New Whitepaper On How Wallarm AI Works “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke Ever wanted to look under the covers of deep learning/artificial intelligence engine? While deep learning algorithms are generally based on neurons combined into a neural network and interacting with each other, just like in a human brain, to get...
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