Nginx Plus

Choose the right ingress controller for your Kubernetes environment

Choosing the right ingress controller can help you ensure the right infrastructure, direction, and level of customization. Get the information about ingress controllers you need.
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Greeting Wallarm Node 2.0

We are thrilled to announce a new release of Wallarm Node™. It’s a brand-new version of the Wallarm filter instance (NGINX-based), with new features and a host of optimizations. Significant refactoring has resulted in improved performance. Optimizations were made to provide sophisticated security checks with near-zero latency. This has been a critical request for our...
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Wallarm now supports NGINX Plus

Great news! We released a new version of the Wallarm platform focused on extended support for NGINX Plus (a supercharged version of standard NGINX you definitely need to try out!). From now on, you can get an enterprise-grade load balancer and a next generation WAF in a one scalable software package. Wallarm’s SaaS-based NGINX Plus...
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