Securing GraphQL. Part 1

GraphQL is an alternative to the REST concept that allows working with the data in a more structured and object-oriented way. This technology is very famous and used by many enterprise companies such as Facebook, Walmart, Intuit among other. Whether you know it or not, GraphQL has a significant impact on your business. Many products...
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CIOReview names Wallarm in   “20 Most Promising Enterprise WebApp Solution Providers”

We are glad to be short-listed amongst Top-20 most promising solution providers for the web apps by CIOReview. This is a good illustration of how we are helping enterprises to secure their web apps. The award mainly emphasizes on our innovativeness in helping enterprises gain popularity through high-performance web applications. Wallarm has been recognized as...
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Rick Orloff joins Wallarm advisory board

We’re happy to announce Rick Orloff joining Wallarm advisory board. Rick will work closely with a team advising on product and roadmap. Rick has successful 20-years long track record in security and is currently the Chief Security Officer at Code42. Prior to that he was a Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at eBay...
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Wallarm is The Top 25 Fastest Growing Y Combinator Summer 2016 Startups

Wow! Wallarm is one of the top 25 fastest growing Y Combinator (S16 batch) companies, according to the Mattermark research. Mattermark ranked this batch of Y Combinator and found companies with the highest Mattermark Growth Score. Mattermark’s Growth Score measures how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. Mattermark was...
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Critical LinkedIn vulnerability proactively resolved by Wallarm (XXE in application server)

With all the time and resources we allocate to finding application vulnerabilities it’s easy to forget that 3rd party libraries and software can introduce vulnerabilities into our applications as well. Hackers know this and they try to exploit them. In this blog post we will illustrate a vulnerability found within one of the LinkedIn services....
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SQLmap scanner can now fingerprint Wallarm WAF

Ah-ha, we like this much. sqlmap, which is an incredibly popular tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws, is now able to identify applications and API protected by Wallarm. When WAF is detected, sqlmap even proposes to activate tamper scripts and try to bypass security checks. But as Wallarm doesn’t...
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