Web Security


Wallarm’s unique approach provides actionable insight that identifies and protects against real attacks and vulnerabilities. I’m excited to be part of the team that automates this for modern services and cloud-based applications.

Online businesses have to be careful. It’s a dangerous world, full of anonymous people and services wearing digital skins. It sounds horrific because it is. On the other side of a transaction, could be anyone. Extra measures have to be made to secure web interfaces and API endpoints that online businesses depend on.

We’re going to look at the security vulnerabilities that face eCommerce at high-traffic times. It’s just before a big sale or holiday shopping season kicks off. Are you ready to ride the waves of a Category 5 surge in sales or will hanging-10 dreams become an e-com nightmare? Cybercriminals love a great sale. There will be a notable spike in shopping as people rush to take advantage of the deals and bargains available on events like…

When it comes to XXE issues, hackers have multiple ways to take advantage of WAF configurations. We are going to show you four ways hackers trick WAFs, sneaking XXE issues past their defenses. 4 hacker XXE methods for bypassing WAFs: Extra document spacesInvalid formatExotic encodingsOne doc: two types of encoding Once you understand the issue, you should be able to restore the fire to your defenses. We will show you how. A little background on XXE…