How Wallarm WAF Works

Unlike default cloud WAFs, Wallarm automates protection for apps and APIs. No more manual tuning and investments into ongoing maintenance. Allow teams to focus on different tasks.

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September 24th at 11am PDT

Replace Your Legacy WAF

WAF Doesn't Work

Over the years we took thousands of calls with Appsec teams around the globe. They all told us the same thing: our existing WAF doesn’t work.

  • False positives. Tedious tuning. Still, no blocking mode.
  • Too much noise. Lack of integrations. No actionable data at all.
  • Bad support. No promised features. Outdated UI. 
  • Appliances don’t scale. DevOps hate it.
  • No real API protection. 

Still, pretty expensive.

Is there a better product out there? We believe there is. Over the last few months, we’ve helped dozens of customers migrate from Imperva SecureSphere to Wallarm Cloud-Native API Protection (WAAP). 

Let’s talk about what the proper WAF in 2020 is during this webinar.

You will be in a good company

Stepan Iliyn


Stepan is the co-founder of Wallarm, which is a Silicon Valley based company that protects customers’ most critical web applications, APIs, and microservices. By overseeing product and growth, Stepan has brought the company from zero to more than a hundred customers, and in addition, millions of dollars worth of revenue.


Victor Gartvich

VP of Security Solutions, Wallarm

Seasoned technology professional, in charge of Wallarm's product management. Most recently Victor was leading security and DevOps efforts at Lacework, another emerging Silicon Valley security company. Prior to that Victor spent four years leading product and engineering activities at an AppSec & performance startup, Nuubit.

When you should consider going away from the existing WAF?

Team is unhappy with with the day-to-day experience with WAF

Current WAF can't really protect APIs against modern threats

Lack of integration with the existing DevOps/Security toolchain

Can't bring appliances to the new K8s-based stack

Limited capabilities for auto-scaling in the multi clouds

Tedious rules tuning because of the false positives. No blocking mode

Replace Your Legacy WAF. 
Migrate from Imperva WAF to Wallarm  

Watch a webinar

September 24th at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

You can get so much more 
for less work and money.

Imperva SecureSphere → Wallarm

You can get so much more. For the less money.

           Learn how to do the following 

  1. Test your existing WAF and see if it’s good
  2. Eliminate manual rules tuning
  3. Set up proper API protection
  4. Justify the migration efforts to management. 
    (Spoiler: It’s a no brainer)
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