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November 5th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Learn why existing tooling often can't protect APIs and how to protect apps in multi-cloud / CDN environments.

How to automated Incident response and reduce manual analysis?

Top‑10 Application security challenges for Retail organizations

  1. Which appsec threats are the worst for Retail
    Besides OWASP Top 10 and other threats that web-apps typically face, online retailers also see a lot of specific trouble due to different kinds of API Abuse, fraud, and credential stuffing (ATO).

  2. How to protect assets in multi-cloud environment
    Metadata continuously collected from nodes helps to refine rules to make them application-specific.

  3. Why do legacy security tools fail modern threats 
    Massive loads of traffic. A high velocity of development. Strict requirements for latency and false positives. A new setting makes traditional tools not only inefficient but sometimes harmful for business.

Companies that protect their cloud environments with Wallarm

Top10 Application security Challenges for Retail organizations

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During a webinar you will learn how to:

How to get robust protection for the entire application portfolio in different cloud environments?

How to protect modern API protocols like RESTful API, GraphQL, gRPC in the cloud?

November  5th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Stepan Iliyn


Stepan is the co-founder and CPO of Wallarm and overseeing product and development. 


Yury Larichev

Wallarm CRO

Yury has 20+ years of executive experience in high tech companies. Ex Microsoft GM Global SMB Sales, ex President Acronis, ex SVP Sales Parallels, ex CEO Acumatica.

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