Figma is a powerful tool for interface development and prototyping. We use it to design our products and to create graphic layouts for marketing and other purposes. One of the most significant advantages of Figma is that it allows you to write custom plugins enabling third-party developers to expand the already extensive range of the platform’s capabilities. Let’s discuss one of such plugins. For new brochures, our product designer came up with an interesting concept:…

There is such a thing as SSRF. There’s lots of information about it, but here is my quick summary. Let’s say you go to a website, fill out your profile, and get to the “Upload Profile Picture” step. And you have a choice: upload a file or specify a link.

Wallarm’s unique approach provides actionable insight that identifies and protects against real attacks and vulnerabilities. I’m excited to be part of the team that automates this for modern services and cloud-based applications.

How to configure sending reports to email? How to get a notification to the messenger about an event requiring a response? How to connect Wallam and other solutions that use DevOps and the security team? Integrations will help to solve all these issues in Wallam WAF. And today we’ll talk about them in more detail.