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Why and how to disable introspection query for GraphQL APIs

Intro In the last post, we touched on the topic of GraphQL security. As a reminder, GraphQL is a popular alternative to REST APIs. A single article can not encapsulate all the things one wants to know about such an interesting technology. This installment of the series will look at the first step of analyzing how...
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Wallarm Launches Support of Envoy Proxy/ Envoy API Protection

Wallarm can protect North-South API in the applications that use Envoy as an alternative Ingress controller at the front end of a Kubernetes cluster. Wallarm can also protect edge traffic and also East-West Envoy API for Service-Mesh and Istio.
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Is Service Mesh right for your infrastructure?

Andrew Jenkins of Aspen Mesh identifies three deployment options with regards to how a Service Mesh delivers its services: As a sidecar that runs alongside your microservice containerAs a library that can be built into each of the microservicesAs an agent that sit in the container infrastructure and provide the service to all the containers on...
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What The Actual WAF!?

we need to kick out the solutions that are no longer functioning to give ample room for the advanced WAF solutions. Join us in this discussion.
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Race Condition in Web Applications

Even web application APIs can be subject to race conditions. Check out where it can happen such as the cases of HTTP pipelining, splitting HTTP and others.
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Legacy WAF Issues

Traditional WAFs speak to bigger adoption problems for technologists, innovators, and businesses. Making a decision in today’s marketplace is like being a kid in a toy store. There are so many options that excitement quickly turns to settling on a familiar choice, so it’s no surprise that businesses are settling for subpar solutions from familiar brands....
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