Identify best practices of protecting your DevOps environment through strategies, policies, processes, and technology.

New GigaOm Report: Path to DevOps Success

This month Wallarm has partnered with GigaOm to help our DevOps customers better understand the industry landscape and strategies to address the challenges of doing things the agile way. GigaOm’s perspective is that of the unbiased enterprise practitioner. GigaOm works directly with enterprises both inside and outside of the IT organization to apply proven research...
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How to protect web applications on Google Cloud Platform with WAF?

Many of the developers we speak to are interested in taking advantage of Google Compute Cloud for developing and hosting their web applications. The advantages are many from reasonable costs to built in scalability to high level of availability built right into the platform. However, the developers are faced with a question: if my application...
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NG-WAF vs old fashioned WAFs

These stickmen besieging the castle help us to explain why enterprises need to switch from old-fashioned web application firewalls to Wallarm.
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How to secure your web applications with NGINX

Customers enjoy the confidence of knowing Wallarm is an NGINX partner. All Wallarm filtering nodes are built on open-source NGINX web server/load balancer. NGINX is used by 44% of the top 1,000 websites, making Wallarm an ideal fit for DevOps teams. The very same approaches for deploying, configuring, and monitoring standard NGINX also make it...
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