Six Xmas Gifts for the Pentester in your Life

Some of my best friends are ethical hackers. With the holidays approaching, these special people in my life will need special presents. Whether they are bounty hunting, pentesting as a part of a consulting project, doing security research to advance the field or working on a Red Team, they will want tools and information to...
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FAST or Burp or both?

By @aLLy , Wallarm Research Hello guys, time to talk details about Wallarm FAST (Framework for Application Security Testing). It’s a new automatic web vulnerability scanning and fuzzing detection tool by Wallarm Inc. It is well suited for security researchers in enterprise Red Teams as well as for teams in charge of test automation in CI/CD...
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Application Security Testing — The Wallarm Approach

Testing the security of the corporate applications is a part of every-day life for Ops and DevOps professionals. Larger companies have whole teams dedicated to independent security testing, called Red Teams. These folks use various tools at their disposal to discover the flaws in both applications and infrastructure. These teams often take the same approach...
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Why ArtsSEC decided to partner with Wallarm

by Maximiliano Soler, @maxisoler by Maximiliano Soller, CTO of ArtsSEC The greatest thing with partnerships is how well the organisations’ expertise complement each other. Our partnership with Wallarm has incredibly exceeded our expectations in their innovation and expertise in web application security. Especially interesting is how Wallarm identifies behavioral attacks with obfuscated or malicious payloads and...
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Webinar with Rick Orloff, ex CISO of eBay

Join us at 11 am PDT on Wednesday, September 27 for a (live) frank conversation with Rick Orloff, CSO of Code42 and former CISO of eBay. UPDATE: The recorded webinar is available as a podcast: https://buff.ly/2xf6lwf Rick shared his insights about the changing role of security with new realities of DevOps world, new software tools and...
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Not all treasure is silver or gold

How Bug Bounty Programs Help Improve SaaS and Web Security By Captain Jack Sparrow, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=34447425 As many companies who have found themselves victims of a debilitating ransomware attack or major data breach have found out; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same is true for software and web...
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