It was hot in Vegas in the first half of August not only because of the 100-degree-Farenheit heat, but because there were several security conferences happening at the same time! Wallarm was the silver sponsor of BlackHat this year, and this is why that’s cool:

  1. The scale is really impressive. It seems like we’ve never before talked about Wallarm as much as we did during those few days at BlackHat USA 2014. It was a huge pleasure to meet so many people enthusiastic about information safety. But when people are coming up to you, one after another, all of them interested in how to protect modern web applications, it’s an indescribable sensation. The scope of BlackHat only becomes apparent when you come into the Business Hall and see the massive hotel Mandalay Bay, and how this huge quantity of people and equipment are set up and sorted into stands and don’t leave until the very last day, when everyone needs to move to another hotel.
  2. Here, people are willing to make decisions, talk about the future, and not dwell on old methods and solutions. We strongly emphasize that Wallarm’s technology can be integrated into already-existing services (Ddos migration services, Log management systems, PaaS), which (with our help) can offer their existing client base a new service for attack detection. At BlackHat we succeeded in directly negotiating several possible partnerships. By the way, did we tell you about that? Check out the details in the Partners section.
  3. The best of the best are here. The most talented researchers and hackers are gathered in Las Vegas during this time to attend several conferences at once. But this isn’t just about the people — respect to all the companies who presented at BlackHat. By the way, we had awesome neighbors: the Norse company. We got the feeling that nobody left BlackHat without photos with the charismatic Vikings at their stand (one of the company’s products is called IPViking).
  4. Strong feedback after the conference. Talk on Memcached injections by Ivan Novikov, lead security expert of Wallarm, was was warmly received both during the conference and after it. Moreover, some of developers now implement probes to find this kind of vulnerabilities in their open-source web application security scanners. And that’s really awesome.

Our guests in Wallarm booth:

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