It’s that time of the year again and our team is packing up to go to Las Vegas.

Our theme this year is DevSecOps.

As companies are embracing DevOps processes, adopt continuous development and continuous integration and follow the agile methodology, it becomes obvious that the old security model of requester/approver doesn’t work any more. If the security team waits until the release is coded and tested and only then starts the complete security cycle, the release cadence is likely to be stilted and sparse, not smooth and continuous.

The answer to this dilemma is, of course, DevSecOps. Its key principles are:

  • Transparency and Collaboration: Making the security team as much a part of the DevOps process as product/story definition or QA
  • Automation: Tools that would allow small security teams to define frameworks and set priorities but delegate the execution to the automated tools so that the security team is no longer a bottleneck
  • Continuous Security: Tools that are in place for real-time operational security need to comply with the same scalability and availability requirements and the other parts of the infrastructure. In addition, it’s important to be able to feed the results of security monitoring, together with risk assessment, back into DevSecOps cycle and customer stories so that the high priority issues can be fixed promptly.

Come by our table at Bsides on 7 & 8th of August to see how Wallarm enables DevSecOps. We will have demos to address all three areas:

Transparency: detect app-specific vulnerabilities and provide actionable DevOps recommendations

Automation: Our new product Wallarm FAST automatically generates and runs security tests within CI/CD process according to a policy defined by the security team

Continuous Security: Will show the new way to deploy Wallarm directly on Kubernetes ingress controller for ultimate scalability and automation

We also have cool giveaways and a raffle for a drone. Don’t miss it.

On Wednesday, we will also be co-sponsoring an exclusive CXO dinner and networking reception:

Navy Seal Commander’s Talk | Risk<>Innovation<>Agility in Hostile Environments.

If you are a CXO coming to BlackHat conference and would like to join your peers at the party, contact us directly. An aerial view surprise is also involved.

If you are staying for DevCon, come by the AI village to see the demo of Wallarm AI technology.

See you in Las Vegas!