API Security

Discover best practices on how to secure APIs properly with low false positives.

Choose the right ingress controller for your Kubernetes environment

Choosing the right ingress controller can help you ensure the right infrastructure, direction, and level of customization. Get the information about ingress controllers you need.
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Frenemy at the Gates: The Breaching

Online businesses have to be careful. It’s a dangerous world, full of anonymous people and services wearing digital skins. It sounds horrific because it is. On the other side of a transaction, could be anyone. Extra measures have to be made to secure web interfaces and API endpoints that online businesses depend on.
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Defining Wallarm API-specific Rules

Automatically Detect + Parse and Set Your Own Rules A unique Wallarm AI feature is its ability to automatically detect and parse complicated API protocols and then set up security rules based on specific data or parameters deep inside the API. Once parsed, the system creates the rules-based both on where in the HTTP request...
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Latest Bypassing Techniques Beat SOAP/XML API Protection

It is impossible to protect APIs unless you take a deep dive into the protocols implemented over the standard HTTP. Most security tools are not protecting data where it’s most vulnerable, inside the XML schema itself. These encoding attacks are going unflagged by many application platforms, despite topline security tools and techniques they believe protect...
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What stealthy attacks are hiding in API data — and why do most WAF miss them?!

Is JSON really more secure than other data encoding formats? JSON is a serialization format that allows users to (1) send objects as strings and then (2) it sends applications to recover objects from those strings. So, the short answer is that the JSON format as dangerous as other serialization formats.
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Make Sure Your Security Is Ready for the Holiday Shopping Sprees

We’re going to look at the security vulnerabilities that face eCommerce at high-traffic times. It’s just before a big sale or holiday shopping season kicks off. Are you ready to ride the waves of a Category 5 surge in sales or will hanging-10 dreams become an e-com nightmare? Cybercriminals love a great sale. There will be...
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