API Security

Discover best practices on how to secure APIs properly with low false positives.

“Fire Danger Rating” on “High” in Security Climate

November was a scary month in California. After four years of drought, the forests and towns in the northern part of the state exploded into wildfires, displacing thousands of residents and destroying millions of dollars of property. The foul air in San Francisco and the surrounding areas was a sordid reminder of the ordeal and...
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Key Considerations in API security

Every day, there are billions of API calls being executed. These include public APIs, private APIs, SaaS APIs, APIs performing mobile back-end functions and many more. Given the gravity of the threat and the sheer volume of what’s exposed, how do we develop systems that are both safe and robust? Here are some key things...
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TensorFlow Dataset API for increasing training speed of Neural Networks

by M.Salnikov, Wallarm Research Wallarm AI engine is the heart of our security solution. Two key parameters of our AI engine efficiency are how fast neural networks can be train to reflect the updated training sets and how much compute power need to be dedicated to the training on the on-going basis. Many of our machine...
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Is Docker Swarm going to change how we do microservices APIs?

During the DockerCon a couple of weeks ago the new native swarm functionality was one of the highlighted themes. What is a swarm? A swarm is a cluster of Docker engines, or nodes, which acts as an orchestrator, monitor and ingress load balancer for all the services deployed on swarm. The Docker Engine set of...
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