In an age characterized by digital transformation, APIs serve as the backbone of modern applications, enabling diverse systems to communicate and share data seamlessly. This widespread API adoption, however, exposes organizations to a considerable attack surface, inviting the attention of cyber adversaries searching for vulnerabilities to exploit.

A recent 2023 Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research report revealed that 75% of organizations change or update APIs on a daily or weekly basis, increasing their attack surface. Additionally, this study found that 92% of organizations have experienced at least one security incident related to insecure APIs in the past year.

While API management solutions from MuleSoft have delivered a unified environment for integration, organizations need additional security measures that protect their APIs. This is precisely where Wallarm steps in, providing advanced threat protection, granular visibility, and seamless integration with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The outcome is a formidable combination of industry-leading API management and state-of-the-art API security, empowering organizations to confidently accelerate their digital initiatives within an increasingly interconnected ecosystem.

Wallarm and MuleSoft = “Better Together”

Wallarm and MuleSoft are powerful solutions that can be used together to help Enterprises create a robust and secure App and API integration platform for Enterprises.

Wallarm's cloud-based API security platform provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of attacks, including OWASP Top-10 and emerging threats, API Abuse, 0-days, and more. MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform provides a variety of tools and services that make it easy to build, deploy, and manage integrations. MuleSoft also has deep knowledge in API governance, lifecycle management, and developer experience. This, combined with Wallarm's demonstrated leadership and expertise in Advanced API Security and Cloud Native WAAP, provides a comprehensive approach to API management that is both secure and efficient.

  • Wallarm and Mulesoft can be used together to create a single, unified platform for managing and securing API integrations. This can help to reduce costs and complexity, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Wallarm's API security features can be integrated with MuleSoft's API management capabilities to provide comprehensive protection for APIs. This can help to reduce the risk of data breaches and financial losses, improve compliance, and increase customer trust.
  • MuleSoft's API management capabilities can be used to automate the deployment and management of Wallarm's API security features. This can help to simplify IT operations and reduce the risk of human error. 

Customer Benefits of Wallarm for MuleSoft APIs

By choosing Wallarm to protect MuleSoft APIs, organizations can unlock a host of benefits:

  • Comprehensive Enterprise API Protection: Wallarm defends against a wide range of threats, including DDoS attacks, OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, and zero-day exploits.
  • Easy Integration: Wallarm seamlessly integrates with MuleSoft's API gateway via pre-built connectors, simplifying deployment.
  • Effortless Deployment: Wallarm's non-invasive reverse proxy deploys easily in front of MuleSoft..
  • Scalability via Automation: Wallarm automates and scales to meet the demands of even the most complex environments, ensuring robust security and significantly reducing time and cost compared with manual efforts.

How Wallarm Works with MuleSoft

Wallarm sits in front of MuleSoft's API gateway, inspecting all incoming API traffic. Wallarm uses advanced threat detection mechanisms and techniques that include:

  • Signature-Based Detection: Wallarm identifies known attacks using a database of attack signatures.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Suspicious activity is detected through the analysis of incoming API traffic behavior.
  • Machine Learning: Wallarm leverages machine learning to identify and thwart new and emerging threats effectively.

Use Cases for Wallarm API Security Solutions

Among the various deployment options offered by Wallarm, the integration with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform stands out as the recommended choice for the following use cases.

  1. Seamless Policy Integration: Effortlessly integrate Wallarm's security policies into your MuleSoft environment, enhancing security without the need for proxy modifications.
  2. Advanced API Protection: Strengthen the security of your MuleSoft APIs, benefitting from Wallarm's virtual patching, bot protection, and real-time threat prevention against sophisticated cyber-attacks.
  3. Automated API Discovery and Inventory: Maintain an updated inventory of your APIs, including new or changed endpoints and PII data. Wallarm's automated discovery features assist in managing and protecting your data effectively.
  4. Enhanced Threat Analytics: Gain deeper insights into potential threats. Wallarm's advanced analytics complement MuleSoft's threat detection capabilities, offering a broader view of vulnerabilities and attack vectors.
  5. API Misuse & Abuse Protection: Safeguard against unintended misuse or malicious abuse of your APIs. Wallarm ensures the resilience of the MuleSoft Anypoint platform against such threats, ensuring secure and consistent operations.
  6. Automated API Security: Reduce the time and resources required for manual security hardening. Wallarm's automated protection features continuously guard your MuleSoft environment against threats, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention.

The integration of Wallarm's advanced API security with MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform provides organizations with the robust security needed to protect APIs in today's threat landscape. This integration not only enhances security but also complements MuleSoft's API management capabilities, resulting in a comprehensive solution that enables secure and efficient API management and protection. For organizations committed to fully safeguarding and managing their APIs, the Wallarm and MuleSoft combination is a compelling and obvious choice.

Overall, MuleSoft and Wallarm are a powerful combination that can help businesses to achieve their API integration and security goals. For further information please review the following url containing additional information.

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