By Johan Nordstrom

The question of “what made you change jobs?” may be old, but the answer with my move to Wallarm is new and clear. I have a vision how to address the dynamic threat landscape of today and Wallarm’s innovative approach to security is in line with these ideas.

In my 30 years career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing technology companies and talented people around the world, many in security space.

While many of those were fine companies for their time, I feel that the current trends in how software is developed and deployed demand new innovative ways to address the new threat landscape.

This is why I am excited to be joining Wallarm as a Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO).

So, here are my five main reasons for choosing Wallarm:

1. It has great new technology which keeps up with the new speed of agile development and addresses both known and unknown threats

2. It has proven it’s robustness and service quality in the field, with many large cloud and enterprise customers

3. The team has a great vision and an active support group of advisors and VC’s that take part in the company development

4. The company is poised for rapid growth in customers, partners, revenue and number of employees.

5. The global customers who I have worked with would really benefit from machine learning in security technology and I am looking forward to the opportunity to to enable them with this new generation of application security solutions

I am looking forward to many productive experiences in my new Wallarm home.