We’re thrilled to announce Gene Golovinsky joins our advisory board. Being Director of Security Research and Development at Intuit, he has an incredible background ranging from large ISV to startups.

Gene Golovinsky

With over 20 years experience in technology Gene led product and development teams across multiple geographies. He served as the VP R&D at Limelight Networks, Chief Architect and Director of Qualys, VP R&D for AlertLogic, Sr Director at BMC Software. Gene has MS degree in Computer Engineering.

Gene will help to shape Wallarm products to the Fortune500 companies needs. Here are some thoughts of why legacy products fail to protect modern web apps.

From you point of you, why application security problem is not solved yet (with zillions security product on the market)?

Application security is rapidly evolving space. New technology stacks are showing up all the time. Most of the AppSec tools and methods are relying on static approaches.
From anti-virus to WAFs we rely on things we already know or seen before. When some new problem or exploit show up, even the very fast reacting solution needs time to do just that — react.
Very few, if any, are actually looking at the business logic and the workflow to understand if this is an attack or if the attack is real.
Wallarm has the potential of adopting near real time. This makes it both technologically intriguing and valuable from the business perspective

What do you like in Wallarm product and team?

Really like that the product is the evolution of the set of tools coming out of the practical experience of security professionals that were used to help secure real business environments.
That helped the team to come up with the flexible and extensible architecture.
The founding team has shown eagerness to learn, be flexible and make products better. They truly listen to their customers and take feedback.
I am very honored to be joining the team and hope to be a part of the exciting journey that is ahead of Wallarm.

Welcome, Gene!