Next week, come visit with Wallarm in San Francisco. We will be exhibiting at the RSA conference, at the north part of Moscone Center, booth #N4825.

Meet Wallarm at RSA 2017

Those of you who make it to the show will get a sneak peek of the new product we are working on — Wallarm FAST.

Wallarm FAST will help those working in CI/CD environment:

  • increase test coverage
  • deploy test automation as a service
  • focus DevSecOps on business logic

Wallarm FAST is designed to be a flexible test environment and provide Test Automation As A Service. Tests are run from the Wallarm Cloud service allowing DevOps full configuration control without having to worry about environment deployment, scale or flexibility.

Custom policies can be configured for composition, running and reporting on Test Jobs. Wallarm FAST generates tests using both known attack vectors such as OWASP top10 and fuzzing as well as payload patterns seen in production traffic.

Introducing Wallarm FAST

Run policy configuration includes schedule of the test runs, scan load, source and frequency of the scans.

We support the following protocols (including nested protocol) for Deep Request Inspection:

  • HTTP/2.0
  • REST
  • JSON
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • Base64
  • GZIP
  • PHP (unserialize)

Using Wallarm FAST, DevOps and DevSecOps teams can increase security test coverage 100X or more. Moreover, test results for every build are summarized and shown in a single-pane-of-glass dashboard. DevOps managers will now have all the test information at their fingertips.

Can’t get to San Francisco in time but would like to try Wallarm FAST for yourself? Get in touch with us for demo at

We are looking for early adopters!