There is an update in the Wallarm Console, which presents a brand new dashboard that can’t be missed. There are three significant changes that are worth mentioning:

  1. New structure. The dashboard has a new, clear structure emphasizing multiple modules of the Wallarm Platform — WAF, Scanner, FAST. The WAF section includes data on the normal traffic against malicious hits. The Scanner section gives a quick overview of the security issues identified by the scanner modules. The FAST section shows the results of automated security testing in CI/CD pipelines. You can jump to each of the dashboard sections right from the main menu.
  2. New data. Additional new data points have been released and are coming within the next couple of months. The WAF section can now show data and analytics regarding the amount of traffic against malicious payload detected. If you have multiple apps and APIs, you can see the breakdown of the malicious hits and incidents across them in one unified view. The Scanner section has a new vulnerability subsection with more visibility of what's happening with the security issues of different risks.  
  3. New menu. We reinvented the product’s navigation. The whole menu has been revamped and transferred to the side to make navigation to any part of the system easier!

Web Application Firewall

This section is all about traffic and security incidents. Now you can see the WAF mode and overall statistics on what was processed, detected and blocked.

Normal and malicious traffic. The events chart now have the requests section (bottom chart) and represents normal and malicious traffic distribution through time. Approximate cost of attacks chart is also improved and now can lead to many more insights.

Normal and malicious traffic

Top targets. Target section shows you which of your applications are being attacked more often than others.

Break down on the malicious traffic and security incidents across your apps and APIs

Blacklist. Blacklist section now reflects the current state of the blocked IPs list and also shows the dynamics of its changes through time.

Blacklist section

Vulnerability Scanner

Scanner section shows you the overall info and also current open vulnerabilities.

The dynamics part helps you understand what’ve been detected and fixed during a certain period of time.


FAST users now can see the distribution of test runs by statuses (passed, failed, etc.) and baselines dynamics.

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