This month Wallarm has partnered with GigaOm to help our DevOps customers better understand the industry landscape and strategies to address the challenges of doing things the agile way.

GigaOm’s perspective is that of the unbiased enterprise practitioner. GigaOm works directly with enterprises both inside and outside of the IT organization to apply proven research and methodologies designed to avoid pitfalls and roadblocks while balancing risk and innovation. Research methodologies include but are not limited to adoption and benchmarking surveys, use cases, interviews, ROI/TCO, market landscapes, strategic trends, and technical benchmarks. GigaOm analysts possess 20+ years of experience advising a spectrum of clients from early adopters to mainstream enterprises.

Wallarm is making the latest GigaOm report on DevOps strategy and tactics available to our readers and subscribers. The report is researched and written by GigaOm analyst Jon Collins. Jon wrote the British Computer Society’s handbook for security architects and co-authored The Technology Garden, a book offering CIOs clear advice on the six principles of sustainable IT delivery.

The report describes five areas that are fundamental to turning DevOps into a key competitive differentiator. These are: the need for customer-centricity; delivering agile best practice; connecting data and services; automating deployment and delivery; and finally, orchestrating operations infrastructure. Overheads that affect DevOps agility and can undermine the resulting benefits are what creates “Customer Friction” in each of these key areas.

While many tools exist to support DevOps, the litmus test for their effectiveness is how much friction they remove from the development pipeline, increasing efficiency without undermining governance, for example, through self-service or rules-based decisions.

Read the complete report and start applying the advice in your professional life. DOWNLOAD