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Latest Bypassing Techniques Beat SOAP/XML API Protection

It is impossible to protect APIs unless you take a deep dive into the protocols implemented over the standard HTTP. Most security tools are not protecting data where it’s most vulnerable, inside the XML schema itself. These encoding attacks are going unflagged by many application platforms, despite topline security tools and techniques they believe protect APIs....
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IT Security Infrastructure: 5 Tips to Solve API Security Issues

Start listening. Integrating isn’t enough if your teams aren’t talking. In a hyper-competitive environment, keeping up with customer usability demands often means adopting a hyper-agile development process. It’s a dangerous devil’s bargain. Security gets left on the cutting room floor in pursuit of highly responsive, first-to-market, code-to-customer feature flow. Mobile and cloud applications increasingly rely on SaaS...
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What stealthy attacks are hiding in API data — and why do most WAF miss them?!

Is JSON really more secure than other data encoding formats? JSON is a serialization format that allows users to (1) send objects as strings and then (2) it sends applications to recover objects from those strings. So, the short answer is that the JSON format as dangerous as other serialization formats.
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MTGOX: Crypto Failure is in the Name.

Understanding how cryptocurrency exchanges evolved into hacker fantasy islands is all in the name. MTGOX, a company remembered for the largest crypto breach in history, is an acronym for Magic The Gathering Online Exchange (MTGOX). The absurd rise and fall of MTGOX is critical to understanding the fraught state of cryptocurrency exchanges — and the high risks of...
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8 Tips and Best Practices to Build a Solid Cloud Migration Strategy

Here are eight fool-proof practices that can help you move your workloads to the cloud. A quick look at cloud migration. Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data storage and IT operations to a cloud network. Cloud computing services are hosted in a multi-tenant environment and can be delivered via the internet or direct connection....
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Visit Wallarm at Google Cloud Next

April 9–11, San Francisco, CA We are excited to join the community of the GCP professionals and demonstrate Wallarm web and API protection solutions custom-built for Google Cloud-powered applications. A certified GCP-partner, Wallarm delivers AI-powered security solution built to help your business migrate to Google cloud and grow your infrastructure with DevSecOps in mind. Visit Wallarm...
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