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Shift to Microservices: Evolve Your Security Practices & Container Security

Understand the best practices of shifting left to change your DevOps into DevSecOps. Your security health will get a serious boost.
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Choose the right ingress controller for your Kubernetes environment

Choosing the right ingress controller can help you ensure the right infrastructure, direction, and level of customization. Get the information about ingress controllers you need.
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Frenemy at the Gates: The Breaching

Online businesses have to be careful. It’s a dangerous world, full of anonymous people and services wearing digital skins. It sounds horrific because it is. On the other side of a transaction, could be anyone. Extra measures have to be made to secure web interfaces and API endpoints that online businesses depend on.
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Autoscaling Wallarm Nodes in AWS, GCP, and Azure

Newly updated Wallarm Node images now natively support autoscaling capabilities in AWS, GCP, and Azure. Updated images are already available in cloud provider marketplaces and can rely on the native auto-scaling to adjust the number of nodes based on traffic, CPU load, and other parameters. What is Autoscaling? Many of our customers rely on autoscaling capabilities...
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Defining Wallarm API-specific Rules

Automatically Detect + Parse and Set Your Own Rules A unique Wallarm AI feature is its ability to automatically detect and parse complicated API protocols and then set up security rules based on specific data or parameters deep inside the API. Once parsed, the system creates the rules-based both on where in the HTTP request a...
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Using Threat Modeling in Cybersecurity to Hunt and Remediate

Modern-day cyberattacks keep growing in sophistication and sheer volume. This dynamic makes it virtually impossible to detect and block all attacks using the traditional methods of comparing incoming requests to known attack signatures. To effectively operate in this new aggressive cyberthreat environment, it is paramount that IT operations, developers, and DevSecOps adopt a proactive defense mindset....
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