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Security 101 for eCommerce Businesses

Understand the risks to ecommerce businesses and how to secure your online business. Know the fact from compliance to dealing with hackers, at any level of business maturity.
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Perimeter Breaches: The attack front you’re losing

Everything is data. Defining your perimeter is nearly impossible, which makes securing it even more tricky. Old strategies are obsolete. How do we navigate and protect our boundaries in an increasingly digital world?
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PHP Remote Code Execution 0-Day Discovered in Real World CTF Exercise

When a security researcher found an unusual PHP script while solving an hCorem Capture the Flag task, it reveal hundreds of millions of users are vulnerable to attack. Learn the deep tech.
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Recent discoveries reveal high-risk PHP vulnerabilities

Hundreds of millions of people using everyday platforms could be at risk. One of the most popular server-side web programming languages, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) was discovered to be at high risk for attacks. Patches for high-severity vulnerabilities have been released. Without a protective system like a smart WAF or a patch in place, those vulnerabilities could...
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Wallarm connector to Apigee

If you are a business undergoing a digital transformation, like Walgreens, Nike or Bechtel, heavy reliance on APIs is a key part of that digital transformation strategy. “The growing demand for information, delivered securely at any time, in any place and on any device has changed the way we think about applications — APIs are a critical part...
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An Analog Approach to Secure Operations in Kubernetes

Security is not something you achieve. It's something you continually take care of and understand as constantly transforming. Here are our tips about your K8s cybersecurity
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