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Is Service Mesh right for your infrastructure?

Andrew Jenkins of Aspen Mesh identifies three deployment options with regards to how a Service Mesh delivers its services: As a sidecar that runs alongside your microservice containerAs a library that can be built into each of the microservicesAs an agent that sit in the container infrastructure and provide the service to all the containers...
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Frenemy at the Gates: The Breaching

Online businesses have to be careful. It’s a dangerous world, full of anonymous people and services wearing digital skins. It sounds horrific because it is. On the other side of a transaction, could be anyone. Extra measures have to be made to secure web interfaces and API endpoints that online businesses depend on.
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Wallarm NG-WAF is Now a Part of Kong Hub to Provide Better Protection for Microservices, APIs and…

Thousands of companies from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises use Kong as their API gateway. With a blazingly fast performance, it comes with a perfect feature set for everyone who manages microservices, APIs or serverless stack. Today, we’re thrilled to be a launching partner of Kong Hub. Kong Hub is a marketplace of plug-ins and...
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Kong and Wallarm Partner Up to Boost Microservices API Security

Wallarm has partnered with Mashape to provide the microservices community with API security. Mashape enterprise customers who use Kong API gateway can now quickly add API security protection without change in Kong user’s deployment. Read more about Kong and Wallarm partnership in this blog. Today Kong is used in mission critical deployments at small and...
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