An easy to use Cloud WAF and API protection package

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Wallarm Cloud WAF deployment for Wallarm Cloud-Native Security Platform. Get your application protection up and running in 15 minutes, without any installation at all.

You can now gain protection across a full portfolio of your applications, APIs, and serverless workloads without any agent installation at all. 

Typically Wallarm customers install Wallarm nodes as Kubernetes Ingress Controller, or a Docker container or through dozens of other deployments options. For the new Wallarm Cloud WAF, containers with Wallarm filter nodes are now distributed across the globe to provide protection right at the edge.

Wallarm and

To make it happen, we partnered up with Section to utilize its modular Edge Compute Platform and get global coverage.

Among prospects, we often see companies relying on a WAF that is a part of their CDN network. These WAFs are usually based on signatures (aka CoreRuleSet), lack API protection, and typically serve as a feature checkbox. With Wallarm and Section’s Edge Compute Platform, you get enterprise-grade WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) as a part of your CDN.

Better together

Regardless of where applications are running, what tech stack they are built with, and how much traffic you might have, you can get your application, APIs, websites, and any workloads protected. 

  • Robust protection for the entire application portfolio. Mitigate threats against OWASP Top 10 threats, business logic abuse, bad bots, account takeover (ATO), and more. Get the robust API protection that no other WAF can provide. 
  • Quick integrations. Setup cross-team workloads via your existing DevOps and security toolchain (SOARs, SIEMs). Setup triggers and noise-free alerts in Slack and other messengers, PagerDuty, and more.
  • Blocking mode and compliance with no hassle. Forget issues with false positives. Wallarm’s new libDetection and core signature-less attack detection provides low false positives from day one.
  • Unparalleled visibility into malicious traffic. Gain full insight about attacks and attackers in the responsive Wallarm Console. Enjoy the Dashboard, reach search, and reporting capabilities.
  • Automated Incident Response. Reduce manual analysis and noise level. Automated Threat Verification can dissect potentially harmful attacks from millions of random scans and report vulnerabilities.
  • Understand Your Attack Surface. You can’t protect what you don’t know. Utilize the attack surface and shadow resources to track changes. Identify misconfiguration issues and vulnerable applications and resources.

Learn more today

In addition to enterprise company packages (starting at $50,000), Wallarm is proud to announce our special startup and SMB packages, which are $17,880 and $29,880 per year, respectively. Request a free demo to learn more!