What’s New in Wallarm Node 2.10

We have recently released a new version of Wallarm Node. After your next update window, you will see some new features your DevOps team is certain to like. Firstly, your monitoring and reporting got a lot livelier. Starting with this version in addition to JSON format metrics can be exported in Prometheus compatible format. As...
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Neatly bypassing CSP

How to trick CSP in letting you run whatever you want By bo0om, Wallarm research Content Security Policy or CSP is a built-in browser technology which helps protect from attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS). It lists and describes paths and sources, from which the browser can safely load resources. The resources may include images, frames,...
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Cache poisoning and other dirty tricks

by @bo0om, Wallarm Research Caching is a great technology practice. It makes life better for everybody — clients get the data faster, servers expend fewer resources and so on. There is even a whole CDN industry that was built to deliver caching as a service. There are many examples of caching configuration and tuning, but what I...
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Using WebSocket as your Real Time Protocol? Wallam got you covered.

In the beginning there was http 1 or 2, web pages were static and did not do much beyond displaying static text and images. Life has changed since… Web applications discovered that bi-directional communication between the browser and the web server is essential. Of course, http protocol, with it’s short lived client-initiated sessions, was not...
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