Greetings, dear scholarship recipients! 

Applications for the scholarship draw should have closed on September 31st, but we are still receiving applications from you. 

At the moment there were 148 applications and only 3 people managed to submit them in time, now they are sent to our technical specialists for checking.

My first impression of the 3 essays turned in is that 2 are definitely failures and 1 looks better. 

When we announced this scholarship, we were expecting more submissions and higher quality, so we decided to extend the scholarship by 1 month until October 30th.

We would like to give you some tips for writing essays: 

  1. Your work will be checked by technical specialists, so when it comes to “detection” of atypical user behavior/attacks on a web application based on the analysis of log files / network requests using neural networks – they expect practical solutions and their descriptions in the essay.
  2. Don’t look at the volume of the essay, think only about the solution you propose! 

Good luck!