Do you know what Kairos Society is? Frankly speaking, we had never heard of it until the beginning of the year. Now we’re amazed at how lucky we are. Here is why.

What is Kairos society?

Kairos team reached out to us by saying that we’re one of the nominees for Top50 Innovative Companies 2017 — special rating they are running along with Inc. magazine.

Every year, a team of K50 people, is scouting for young entrepreneurs disrupting various fields of our lives. From access to education to goods delivery to the cancer treatment. They said they believe Wallarm disrupts application security with its AI-based approach. Well, so do we!

They said they believe Wallarm disrupts application security with its AI-based approach.

We talked with a few K50 fellows (what is Kairos in the first place?!), got positive feedback about the whole thing and decided to participate. The application, then thorough interview, a bit of waiting — and voilà Wallarm is among K50 companies in 2017.

Still, what is Kairos and why it rocks?

The funny thing, even being accepted, we didn’t know what to expect from it. The moment when we truly realized how lucky we were was a 2-day event in New York this April.

The event kicked off with all-day meetings at the top of the World Trade Center. It was an impressive collection of people you hardly meet anywhere else. Look at the names.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, and Greylock prominent partner Josh Elman to name just a few. Top investors, journalists and business leaders at one place and all are willing to speak and give a piece of advice. How didn’t we even know about this before?

Wallarm at NYSE building

Non-stop meetings and networking continued on the second day on the floor of the impressive New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the dozens booth K50 companies had to present their products. All of us may be staying here at IPO day in future, but now it was just a perfect venue to be among so many amazing people.

This was the moment of understanding what Kairos is. Just in two days, we pitched several top journalists, discussed our progress with a few notable investors, got new friends-entrepreneurs sharing the same lifestyle (see some of the companies in) .

Thanks Kairos. And greeting to all the guys we met at K50 Global Summit!

PS See some of this year K50 companies in the article by Karolina Stawinska.