Wallarm joins a select group of AI startups and prominent technologists from Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon to participate in AI Summit on September 19–20 at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

AI Summit puts AI to work by delivering real value in the business. In just 3 years this conference has implored AI into business strategy with clear actionable insights to drive businesses and human productivity. And we’re ecstatic to have AI Summit Conference in our backyard.

As a veteran player in AI, we have started applying machine learning algorithms to pattern recognition and behavioral issues in application security even before it was called AI. Today, Wallarm offers state-of-the-art AI applied to signature-free pattern recognition, analyzing behavioral security attacks, and reverse-engineering application logic from the stateless APIs. Among other advanced technologies, Wallarm’s three layers of AI uses recurrent neural networks, n-gram based language models, reinforcement learning and more. Wallarm’s contribution to the AI-security space has helped companies overcome the daunting tasks of securing modern applications and APIs without compromising application structure/content, end-user experience, or application run-time.

Wallarm’s AI technology has received validation from numerous partners such as AWS, GCP, and hundreds of our customers. Microsoft has recognized Wallarm as a global finalist in Microsoft’s Innovate AI competition- awarding startups with AI technology that positively impact people and the world. This spring Wallarm was accepted to NVIDIA’s elite Inception Program– an accelerator nurturing startups revolutionizing industries with AI and data science.

Visit with Wallarm during the event at booth #S7 to learn about our approach to AI and share your thoughts on how AI is affecting cybersecurity. To make things fun, we are running a raffle for an Ethereum crypto coin. Tweet your thoughts on crypto-security with hashtags #WallarmAI #SummitRaffle between now and September 19th to get an extra entry into the raffle. Don’t forget to catch Ivan Novikov’s talk on the demo stage.