Wallarm has been named a “Hot Startup to Watch” in Startup50’s Big50 2018–19 Startup Report. The Big50 2018–19 Startup Report spotlights 50 high-upside startups that have gained a foothold in fast-growth tech sectors.

Each year, Startup50 features startups that are poised to upend the status quo in a range of industries, from next-gen cybersecurity to Software-Defined Networking to the Internet of Things.

Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 as a site that would focus exclusively on hot technology startups. Rather than simply covering the startups and subjectively declaring certain startups “hot” or “disruptive” or “unicorns,” however, Jeff sought a more objective selection process.

The idea was to come up with a system, one featuring rigorous competitions and challenges, that would strip away the spin and force startups to focus on what really matters: real people and the real-world problems they’re struggling to overcome. Startups from previous Big50s included Cloudera, Elastic, Zscaler, Snowflake Computing, Eucalyptus, Duo Security, and similar success stories.

“The startups in this lineup are in a good position to follow in the footsteps of recent Big50 alumni, several of which have already gone on to raise massive rounds of funding, followed by successful exits, whether through IPOs or high-dollar acquisitions,” said Jeff Vance, founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Startup50.

“Of course, not every startup in the Big50 will be a big success, but I won’t be at all surprised if several of the startups in this report are household names in the not-too-distant future,” he added.

At Wallarm, we feel that we are almost a secret weapon that our customers use to get ahead of the trend and automate the protection of their cloud applications and APIs. It’s great to be in the company of other startups that are becoming better known and to get external validation from such a renown expert as Jeff.

“I’ve been covering startups since the dotcom bubble first started to inflate. As a journalist, one of the most vexing challenges is separating the contenders from the science projects,” Jeff said. “With so much noise in the startup world, finding any meaningful signals, especially ones that truly correlate with success, is an uphill battle. The startups in this report are the ones that have the right combination of attributes, such as funding and named customers, that show they’re ready to compete in a cut-throat market.”

“As someone in charge of telling “Wallarm story”, it’s always interesting to me to understand how journalists think. Competing with other hot startups for the win and shaping the headline that both explains what application security is about in the new world of cloud and how we can help DevOps has been both challenging and rewarding,” said Renata Budko, CMO of Wallarm.

About Startup50.com and the Big50 2018–19

The Big50 is Jeff Vance’s yearly roundup of the hottest 50 tech startups to watch. To be featured in the Big50, startups must go through Startup50’s rigorous vetting process. The startups in this year’s report represent the technologies, market sectors, and trends that are poised to upend the economic status quo in the coming year and beyond. Read about them at www.startup50.com.