WAF for NGINX Plus

Great news! We released a new version of the Wallarm platform focused on extended support for NGINX Plus (a supercharged version of standard NGINX you definitely need to try out!).

From now on, you can get an enterprise-grade load balancer and a next generation WAF in a one scalable software package.

Wallarm’s SaaS-based NGINX Plus solution is available as a virtual appliance (VMware image) or as a package for Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS starting at $1000 for a single filtering node per month.

“NGINX provides leading-edge developers, system admins and IT architects with the control, performance and security tools to make the modern Web work for every digital business. In line with that objective, this joint solution with Wallarm provides organizations with highly effective enterprise-grade load balancers and web application firewalls in one scalable software instance,” said Paul Oh, Head of Business Development at NGINX Inc.

NGINX Plus provides customers with additional features such as:

  • a range of load-balancing instruments,
  • methods that allow upholding session persistence,
  • health-checking mechanisms,
  • and an advanced monitoring interface.
Wallarm — Web application firewall for NGINX/NGINX Plus

New and extended features in NGINX Plus R7, which was just released in September 2015, help improve the security and reliability of enterprise applications.

NGINX and NGINX Plus together power 140 million sites worldwide, including web 2.0 and e-commerce companies that demand high performance such as CloudFlare, Airbnb, Pinterest, GitHub, Hulu, WordPress and Zappos.com.