Right before Christmas, we have invited several security professionals to a roundtable event where we discussed how AI is affecting cybersecurity landscape.

While we had them on as panelists, we have asked Richard Seiersen, Bill Chen and Sean Todd to share their views on the biggest security industry challenges of 2017 and what they think is coming down the pike.

Here is what they had to say:

Challenges of 2017:

Seeing more and more regulations coming down at us as a regulated entity

Many companies have legacy security issues and it will continue to be a big opportunity

Companies who have outsourced their infrastructure, they too need security

Predictions for 2018:

Quantum cryptography is coming quicker than people think

Those creating useful, scaleable flexible models will be those who will win

AI can also be used by attackers so it’s up to us as security professionals to look closely at what is coming up the threat landscape.

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