The worldwide CTF community continues to thrive. Many of the organizers of online qualifiers are also holding amazing offline finals in many different cities and countries around the world. This allows participants not only to have a chance at claiming winning places but also to see the world and meet new, interesting people — a real adventure.

Alas, not every team can afford flying to another country and staying there for the duration of the event, especially when it comes to student players. There’s nothing quite as disheartening as qualifying for the finals yet lacking the funds to get on a plane and actually make it there. We’ve been in that situation ourselves, and it isn’t fun, so we’d like to extend a helping hand to those who find themselves in such an unfortunate predicament now.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. Any student team that has passed their qualifiers is eligible to receive a travel grant from Wallarm, which partially compensates the cost of attending CTF finals.

The terms are simple:

  • The total amount of the grant cannot exceed $3,133.7
  • The grant is issued once every calendar quarter (as long as at least one application has been submitted)
  • The team must consist of students
  • Should multiple requests be received, the team to receive the grant is identified by their current CTF Time rating
  • Requests are accepted via e-mail:

The first grant has already been awarded to the Leet More students team for their trip to RuCTF in Yekaterinburg. Their team was the first to react to our tweet announcing our search for teams to participate in our sponsorship program with such a hardship.

And yes, we’re still looking for a team to sponsor for the next quarter!