We are excited to welcome Riccardo Di Blasio to Wallarm advisory team. Riccardo is a well known industry executive who brings his experience running go-to-market operations and managing business worldwide for large internationals like EMC Corp and VMware, including RSA Security. Riccardo’s accomplishments include acquiring and managing an IoT security company and building an early stage startup from the ground-up.

“We are happy to have Riccardo on board. With the help of Riccardo’s expertise in large enterprise operations and buying motions we will be able to ignite GTM and scale out our customer acquisition both in the US and worldwide,” 
said Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm.

We have asked Riccardo to share some of his thoughts on the industry.

Riccardo, Welcome! We are very excited to have you on the team!
Thank you! Glad to be here.

What compelled you to join Wallarm’s board of advisors?
I like the overall vision of combining an AI led approach to the security problem. The other thing that stood out is the quality of the engineers working at the problem and the product excellence.

What do you feel are key leapfrog factors that make larger established companies buy from startups rather than from legacy competitors?
Definitely innovation. Startups are the best fit to push the envelope of innovation and challenge the status quo, due to a lack of legacy entanglements. Another key factor is the real customer obsession. If for many company this is just a marketing slogan, for a startup is the only way to survive and thrive.

In early stage, current customer references and endorsements are the only way to close one more client, therefore the level of commitment and devotion that a startup has for their initial clients is second to none. In a startup, your first 50 clients are your best evangelists!

In your opinion, how does the new way of doing IT (Cloud, DevOps) affect relationship within the technology ecosystem?
I think it is an evolution and not a revolution. There is a second DNA in the IT world, which doesn’t mean that the first DNA will go away. I can see an environment where both worlds will co-exist. It all depends on the use case. That’s why I’m a big believer of the hybrid models

Where do you think Wallarm will be by 2020?
It will definitely be one of the leading technologies serving thousands of clients worldwide who will benefit from the best of breed technologies that Wallarm will be capable to deliver.