Cloud Computing

8 Tips and Best Practices to Build a Solid Cloud Migration Strategy

Here are eight fool-proof practices that can help you move your workloads to the cloud. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cloud_computing.svg A quick look at cloud migration. Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data storage and IT operations to a cloud network. Cloud computing services are hosted in a multi-tenant environment and can be delivered via the internet or direct...
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Wallarm now available on Azure

Wallarm is excited to announce the native availability of Wallarm node on Azure. While in the past Wallarm customers in Azure environment had to install Wallarm nodes as dynamic modules (manually) into their Azure instances with NGINX, the new release allows deployment from a pre-configured image from the Azure marketplace. Wallarm’s release on Azure marketplace...
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Wallarm joins CNCF to promote Kubernetes security

Promoting Open Source Communities & Kubernetes Security To keep pace with the rapid innovation of a global network of attackers, cybersecurity relies on collaboration. Open source communities are a vital part of that engine of good. We actively contribute to a number of open source efforts related to cybersecurity and machine learning. Wallarm is a...
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ON PREM vs. CLOUD Part 2

Security and Other considerations. Part 2 By Johan Nordstrom To be able to keep up with the development of new security threats, companies need to rethink their security strategies. The basics must be to decrease complexity and use automated solutions when possible. There has been a change in the balance. In the past, attacks and defenses...
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Security and Other considerations. Part 1 By Johan Nordstrom The only constant in this world is change, and these days it’s coming quicker and faster than ever before, as is evident in the explosive market for cloud services. A recent research and analysis from Cisco showed that the global internet traffic to and from different cloud...
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Riccardo Di Blasio joins Wallarm as an advisor

We are excited to welcome Riccardo Di Blasio to Wallarm advisory team. Riccardo is a well known industry executive who brings his experience running go-to-market operations and managing business worldwide for large internationals like EMC Corp and VMware, including RSA Security. Riccardo’s accomplishments include acquiring and managing an IoT security company and building an early...
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