Promoting Open Source Communities & Kubernetes Security

To keep pace with the rapid innovation of a global network of attackers, cybersecurity relies on collaboration. Open source communities are a vital part of that engine of good. We actively contribute to a number of open source efforts related to cybersecurity and machine learning. Wallarm is a proud member of the Linux Foundation and its sister organization, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Libdetection Project, and other open source communities.

Wallarm partnership
The partnership is running strong since 2018.

We are committed to continually supply artificial intelligence and machine learning security expertise to Linux and CNCF communities to support the sustainability and adoption of open source technologies.

The Linux Foundation: Raising the bar for everyone

Linux Foundation has raised the bar on technical collaboration. It fosters an environment of support and encouragement while providing the globally accessible infrastructure. Over 18 years, the Linux Foundation has become a tribe of 1,000 companies across diverse industries, spanning from start-up to global conglomerates, united to support open source technologies. It is a community designed to foster collaboration and innovation among developers and organizations alike. Their hallmark ‘code with a cause’ mentality aligns with Wallarm’s own mission.

Staying mission-focused, Wallarm CTO, Alexander Golovko, is one of the few key people entrusted with the maintenance of Debian Linux.

Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF): Bettering orchestrated containers and microservers

Cloud Native Computing Foundation focuses its open source technology development towards microservices and dynamically orchestrated containers. CNCF provides a vendor-neutral hub where developers, end-users, and, vendors can collaborate.

As mentioned on the CNCF website, “We host and nurture components of cloud-native software stacks, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. Kubernetes and other CNCF projects are some of the highest velocity projects in the history of open source.”

Common Missions

Like CNCF, Wallarm is a strong player in the Kubernetes ecosystem, providing and supporting native security for Kubernetes infrastructure. Wallarm Node for Kubernetes natively deploys with an Ingress controller to provide API security and L7 protections for distributed applications. Node integrates with Prometheus to streamline monitoring of APIs and their security. Linux Foundation and CNCF projects operate with higher security with Wallarm. Focused on ease-of-use, Wallarm adds protected microservices, attack mitigation, and DevOps friendly post-analytics without slowing down work.

We strongly believe in our commonly held missions — and believe that many hands not only makes lighter work, it makes stronger work. This is why, even as a private company, we are excited to participate in Linux and CNCF communities.

It takes a village to rise to a global technology challenge. Together, organizations like CNCF and Linux Foundation can work with the private sector to collaboratively advance the core platform of all companies across industries.

Our thanks goes out to the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation — as well as similar organizations — for creating a place to come together and create the unimaginable.