Wallarm is excited to announce the native availability of Wallarm node on Azure. While in the past Wallarm customers in Azure environment had to install Wallarm nodes as dynamic modules (manually) into their Azure instances with NGINX, the new release allows deployment from a pre-configured image from the Azure marketplace.

Wallarm now available on Azure

Wallarm’s release on Azure marketplace comes at an opportune time for businesses exploring a diversified environment or expanding their DevOps infrastructure into Azure. Wallarm’s NG WAF provides robust, highly available protection for SPAs, APIs, microservices and other applications. With new native Wallarm deployment, Azure customers have an option to incorporate AI-powered protection from OWASP Top 10 threats and behavioral attacks with ultra-low false positive and automated configuration into their Azure deployments.

Key Benefits of Wallarm for Azure:

Protects from XXS, XXE, RCE, Path Traversal, SQLi, Non-SQL Injection and other OWASP Top 10

Protects from account scraping, logic bombs, brute-forcing and other behavioral attacks

No manual rule configuration

88% of customers use Wallarm NG-WAF in blocking mode

Signature-free rules are created automatically and customized for every application

Modern protocol support: REST, XML, SOAP, websockets, HTTP/2

Real-time visibility focused on high-risk attacks and vulnerability detection

Microsoft Azure provides cloud services for businesses to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global scale. The platform supports both IaaS and PaaS services. Microsoft Azure is a very important player on the market claiming as much as 17% of the worldwide cloud spend in Q3 2018. With Azure, organizations can extend their experience consistently across on-premises and cloud technologies through full integration with Office 365 and Active Directory. According to Microsoft, 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure and it boasts over seventy compliance certifications. With this new offering, Wallarm extends its collaboration with Microsoft, most recently as a finalist of Microsoft’s Innovate AI competition.

Installing Wallarm Node on Azure:

As a first step, go to the Azure marketplace and get the Wallarm node image for your infrastructure by pressing “Get It Now” button. Second, a license is needed to install Wallarm for Azure. Sign up for a free trial license at: https://my.wallarm.com/signup, bringing your own license. The complete installation guide can be found here or for more information on how Wallarm works: https://www.wallarm.com/product/cloud-native-api-security