Security Automation


Last month, Wallarm Cybersecurity Strategist Kavya Pearlman interviewed cyberwar fare expert Chris Kubecka via a webinar session that was well attended and very timely discussion. If you missed the webinar, worry not! Here is a quick recap of the discussion around “Application Security in the age of Cyberwar”. These days we must be prepared to fight off not just hackers in search of simple financial gain, but malicious actors funded by hostile states. Asymmetry is…

Wallarm’s unique approach provides actionable insight that identifies and protects against real attacks and vulnerabilities. I’m excited to be part of the team that automates this for modern services and cloud-based applications.

How to configure sending reports to email? How to get a notification to the messenger about an event requiring a response? How to connect Wallam and other solutions that use DevOps and the security team? Integrations will help to solve all these issues in Wallam WAF. And today we’ll talk about them in more detail.

There is an update in the Wallarm Console, which presents a brand new dashboard that can’t be missed. There are three significant changes that are worth mentioning: New structure. The dashboard has a new, clear structure emphasizing multiple modules of the Wallarm Platform — WAF, Scanner, FAST. The WAF section includes data on the normal traffic against malicious hits. The Scanner section gives a quick overview of the security issues identified by the scanner modules. The…