Wallarm Next Gen WAF with threat verification delivers continuous application security for cloud workloads and enables security integration into CI/CD

The technology partnership between Wallarm and AWS presents a promising opportunity for DevOps teams that use AWS infrastructure for their production workloads and want to incorporate application security into the application development and deployment processes. The collaboration between the two companies further supports the commitment from Wallarm to enable application security in the cloud.

“Truckerpath chose Wallarm application security because its architecture is a good fit for our dynamic AWS-based infrastructure. In 15 month that we have been using the solution, we have seen already low false positive rates come down even further and no security breaches.”, said Andrey Neverov, Head of Engineering, TruckerPath.

As a leading provider of AI-driven application security, Wallarm is helping customers to implement application security for CI/CD environments. Wallarm solution includes high-performance signature-free WAF with the ability to verify the impact of malicious payloads in real time. This means SecOps and DevOps teams can now eliminate security impediments to the efficient development process by deploying a security solution which operates at a speed of load balancer and automatically adjusts security rules after every application release.

Wallarm’s scalable hybrid architecture is well suited for cloud deployments with blocking security rules and initial traffic analysis performed in the distributed filtering nodes, while anonymized application data / metrics are sent to Wallarm cloud service for in-depth machine learning. Cloud service is also responsible for periodic updates of security rules and active threat verification.

“Many of our customers are running their web applications on the new technology stack including AWS infrastructure.,” said Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm, “With additional deployment option as an AMI image, customers deploying in AWS have more opportunities to take advantage of Wallarm’s adaptive AI-enabled security for their cloud applications while leveraging their existing DevOps toolset.”


Filtering nodes for Wallarm’s next gen WAF with real-time threat verification are now available as virtual appliance in the Amazon marketplace: 
Wallarm AMI

Achieving the Standard standing as an APN partner means customers can deploy Wallarm solution on their AWS infrastructure with confidence.